The Living Bog (LIFE14/NAT/IE/000032) is now coming to it’s final few months and will be wrapping things up by the end of December, 2021. Our postponed End of Project LIFE Conference is now scheduled for winter 2021 and will take place on the 15th & 16th November 2021.

This event is a free 2 day showcase with virtual presentations on day 1 and long awaited site visits to a selection of our project sites in the midlands showing first-hand examples of our amazing restoration works and results.

Continuing compliance with necessary Covid 19 guidelines for any restrictions surrounding gatherings will be adhered to during this event.

Registration will open soon “WATCH THIS SPACE”

Ardagullion Bog SAC photographed from the air for The Living Bog, March 2020. Note the barrier dam along the eastern side, with peat dams throughout the cutover.

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